We already concluded in my previous guide (from April) that we think that Ubuntu might be the greatest OS in the world. But that doesn’t change the fact that the desktop looks very dull out of the box.


But now we are going to change that and I will now let you know how to turn your desktop into this fantastic colourful desktop in no time.


If you like this green desktop, just keep reading, but if you rather like the below dark desktop I have a guide for that as well right here.


Edit: Several steps in this guide will probably work very well also on other Linux distributions as well but due to lack of own experience I won’t guarantee that.

To make the perfect desktop, it is NOT enough just changing into a cool background and apply a nice theme. The secret, which I will guide you through consists in my guide of 9 steps:

  1. Change background picture
  2. Change GTK2 theme with window border and controls
  3. Change icon set
  4. Change Fonts
  5. Configure the top bar
  6. Install a cool mac-like dock (AWN)
  7. Install and get conky up and running to get that geeky text information about RAM usage, processes etc
  8. Change login theme
  9. Change the ugly orange color which is between the login screen and your fully loaded desktop

Note: In order to get that transparent look you need to get compiz up and running. You can activate compiz on Ubuntu 7.10 or higher: right click in the desktop, click “change desktop background”, click the tab “visual effects” and click “normal” or higher. It requires that your computer is equipped with a 3d graphics card with correct drivers.

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